Should I break up or there are more options?

Me and my girlfriend are together for 3 months but a committed relationship is not what I'm looking for right now. So I started dating another girl since last week. As all me and my girlfriend had were good times and fun and no fight I think we can continue this relationship for longer than just 3 months.
It confused me because I don't now what to do right now.
  • Break up with her.
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  • Stay with her without let her knows.
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  • Ask her for an open relatioship.
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  • Others, Please explain.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Break up with her but explain what you did and why. That way she doesn't blame herself over your problems.

    • What if break up with 2nd girl and stay with her?

    • Well... I'm probably bias, but you still cheated on her. And if I were the 1st girl, I would really want to know. Also, whether the 2nd girl knows about the 1st should be taken into consideration, because she could get revenge by revealing what happened.

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  • Does your girlfriend think that your relationship is exclusive?


What Guys Said 1

  • Does your girlfriend know you are dating another woman?

    • No she doesn't.

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    • I'm not a jerk I care about girls' emotions and because of that asked this question.

    • I would contend that the fact that you actually had to ask this question would suggest you've the morality of a squirrel and actually are very much so a "jerk".

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