How long does it take to get over a two month relationship?

I couldn't trust him once I found out he was still active on an online dating site and I decided to end all contact. Especially after he had no good excuse for it and he just said sorry.

We've known each other as friends for 4 months and had a relationship for 2months where we both agreed on being exclusive. It was getting pretty intense and talked of our future together and we would spend all day together and meet twice a week.

The thing is he messages me once in two days just random stuff and I have to control myself from replying. Every time he texts me I feel terrible as I remember how I trusted him and he was just playing me. So its been a week now and I still miss him.. Just on an average how long does it take or how long did it take for you to get over a short but intense relationship? :(


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  • Intense is dangerous
    it depends on you how much it will take to recover


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  • I don't think there are guidelines, it depends on the person. Some people say it's easier to get over a short relationship, however I never found the length of the relationship being relevant to the time it took me to get over a break-up.

    I wish I could give you months but I can't. All I know is it takes time.

    If it makes you feel bad when he messages you try to block him wherever you can. It's not good to be in touch when you know you have to move on, even if being in touch means that he messages you and you don't reply.

    Keep yourself busy, avoid him, block him, allow yourself to feel down at times as it's normal. Very soon you will realise that you start thinking of him less. It will feel good. Then suddenly you won't be thinking about him anymore. Or in any case, thinking about him won't call up a storm within you anymore.

    Good luck and hang in there :-)


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  • There's no average time because every individual is different. We all fall in love differently so it won't be the same. I suggest occupying your time doing something productive so you don't think about him too much, go hang out with friends, see a movie, take time to pamper yourself

  • The general rule is 3 days for every month.

    So about a week.


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