Girl fell out of love because I said I love you too early, what to do to rekindle?

This girl broke up with me because I said I love you too soon. She told me that she lost some interest after a while and then woke up and stopped liking me.

She also said that she still thinks am an amazing guy because to be quite honest we had a good relationship together. It was a long distance so it made things more diffcult.

So now she's in florida and I'm here missing her.

She's still my friend on Facebook and she still hits likes my statuses and comments on my posts consistently.

When she told me she was not going to visit me in NYC I acted like it was fine. Told her that making these decisions are a part of life and ever since then I've been doing my own thing, but with her in mind.

What should I do ladies to get her back?

What captivates your imagination and makes you want a guy more?

I'm a decent looking guy and girls find me attractive, do you think if I covertly display that women want me it'll make her realize what she lost?

I know it sounds egotistical but I need some tips considering you girls are amazing at playing these games :(


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  • The thing is that if someone genuinely doesn't want to be with you, there is no way to convince them otherwise. Maybe if you tried really hard you could do so temporarily, but it would not last.

    I think the only way for you to go is forward. Stop trying to live your life around this girl, stop trying to impress her. She's not the only girl on this planet and why would you want to be with someone who tells you they stopped liking you anyway? Try to cut her off, not to impress her or win her back or make her miss you, but so that you can move on with your life.


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  • Time... Time for her to reflect on her feeling and the situation. Honestly though, during that time you should be moving forward and it by chance she doesn't come back, you won't be so hung up on her bc you are waiting or hoping for her to return.


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  • some girls want u to fight for them


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