I want her back but do I need her back? So confused!?

My gf & I were together 6 month & it was great until last month she got aggravated because she had "seen to much of me" & then her mom started talking about how un confident I am which I am I would ask questions to try to make my self fill secure & safe in the relationship her mom who said she liked me a lot told her that she doesn't think it's somthing I can change & then she went on a trip to Florida & when she came back had me pick her up from the air port & that when she told me what her mom said & I told her I would work on changing my confidence & not ask questions which I did stop asking them never asked her again & then she snapped at me later that day because she thought I was asking an un confedent q that I wasn't. So everything was good for a while after that felt like it was going back to normal & it had been a month since she was mad & then nearly a week ago we were talking & she had made a comment that sounded like she wanted to brake up so I called her out on it & she said she was evaluating it because her & her mom were talking & just because I stopped asking those q's doesn't mean I won't ever again & she needed to evaluate the relationship. So we talked about that for a bit & she told me that she really liked me & that I am the best $ex she has ever had & how I'm the only guy she & her parents have ever truly liked & then she said that when she's not around me it like she forgets & starts "hateing" & started saying when I would text her or say I was going to head over a little early if we had plans she would get mad & she also started saying other reason why she may not like me anymore like not playing hard to get or tossing & turning while trying to sleep. She said all these contradicting things about how she likes me & then how she doesn't. & after she broke up with me she said I'm the only guy she would think about getting back together with. Is there a chance I can get her back? I like her a lot & want to be with her. But do I need her back?


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  • No. Accept that your relationship had ended and forget about her.


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