I did nothing to you?

So I sexted my boyfriends friend. The next day I dumbed my boyfriend. Me and his friend felt bad so we told him. He got over it and we stayed friends. while dating my boyfriend, he told me he loved me. I told him that he didn't and that it was to soon ( it wasn't even a month). 1 week later I brake up with him and that shit up there ^^. As friends we talked and the guy I sexted grew mad at me for no reason but ok... I was hurt but I'm over it now bc even tho he's mad we still talk sort of. So back to my ex boyfriend. He got mad at me later on bc his friend told him shit ( the one I sexted, like 5 times.) and then the girl my ex liked told him shit about me and lies. Now he hates me and I blew up at him after school. Told him " YOUR FUCKING MAD FOR NO REASON. YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND HAS BEEN TELLING YOU SHIT." Then he got up from the rock he was sitting on and his other 2 friends ( also two of my good friends. Didn't sext any of them) were holding each of us back. as I keeped screaming " DONT WORRY, YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE she's LYEN TO."
I then went back into the school and cried. He was still outside and I needed to go home so I left. On my way out, he gave me a dirty look so I did the same to his girl. I care for him and I want him to be happy. Even if his girlfriend is a bitch. I just don't like that she got so jelly that we were friends that she had to lie. I mean I even tried to set them up b4 she did this shit. And b4 he said he said he didn't need my help.


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  • Why would you behave like that? Noone will ever take you seriously if you shout and curse. Also, you seem to have answered your own question. She's jealous, and the guys friend probably isn't talking to you because the guy would assume that you broke up with the exs friend for him
    (because you did cheat on the ex after all).
    understand that people can be infuriating at times, but that's a poor reason to lose your dignity.

    • Yah but, when I was sexting his friend I told his friend that I was going to brake up with him and his friend didn't care bc when I broke up with my boyfriend, his friend keeped asking me for nudes. And how should I act then, bc his gf is lying about 2 things image how many more. My ex was ready to kill me today when I was bad talking his gf. And I don't know what to do. I'm not giving up or walking away. Bc when he gets mad at me he comes back. And he's been mad at me like this last year but like I said, he wanted to kill me today. That never happend in the past tho 😔

    • You have to leave them alone. When two people are throwing hissy fits, one of them has to be the better man (or woman in your case). Of course their going to be upset that you betrayed his trust. They're acting immature, and so are you. If you go cursing your head off like an 8th grader, noone will respect or listen to you. You're wasting way too much energy into an otherwise simple issue.

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