Gotten back with an ex?

Does anyone have any tips on getting back an ex? I know the whole "an ex is an ex" thing and "move on there's other fish in the sea" but I can't really move on? I've really tried but i miss her. a lot. Anyone have any tips? especially after a long time of barely speaking to eachother? We had finally agreed to be friends a couple months ago but we haven't spoken since.


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  • Im going through this right now. Ummmmmm. I got no advice because even now I dont really feel like a priority to him. Often I feel as though he only wants to be with me because im pregnant with his first kid. It hurts... BAD. All I can say is if you trult wanna be with her because you love her... work on it. 99% of the time two people aren't willing to budge and only one is willing to truly change that.

    • I really hope it works out between you two, congrats on the baby tho.

    • Me too man... me too. But it may not and thats a hard ass pill to swallow if thats the case. This is my first child too.

      Whatever happens, just try and talk about how to fix it almost once every week. Actively try to fix it. And most importantly. ... dont leave all the solutions for her to come up with becuz you see no real problem. If you guys broke up and there was no cheating... then there is something that needs addressed by both of you.


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  • You still see her regularly? If you do it's possible. It's very hard if you only used to see each other because you were together. My recommendation would be to act like you don't care (even though you do), make sure she sees you having a good time with other people (she'll start to wish she could be having a good time with you too) and finally, change up your style and give yourself a new look, you'll become almost a newer more exciting person to her (causing her to forget about your past and start to see you as a new person who she could date).

    • I wish, we go to different colleges now. It's also been a good few years since we broke up, so I don't know if that had any effect

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    • Dude... acting like you dont care is dramatic. Its head game bullshit. If the guy care... tell her. If the guy wants to get back together. ... tell her. If the guy truly wants to fix what went down... SHOW HER BY MAKING his changes he needs to in the relationship. Not tell her what she needs to do.

    • It's what works, if I get sick of seeing someone what's going to make me want to see them again, if they hang around me all the time? Or if they go away and act like they couldn't give a stuff about me... causing me to miss them? I think the answer is pretty obvious.

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  • I've done it before and it was not a good move. I went back to him because he said he loved me. Months later he broke up with me out of the blue. I wouldn't recommend it. Of course because I was over mine at the time. But the reason I went back to him is because I was afraid of being alone. But that's better than being in the wrong relationship.


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