What does my ex really mean??

my boyfriend and I break up, he says it's not going to work out, he says to me that he wants to be friends, I say to him that I don't know if I can do that because that's not what I want it will be to hard. he says he needs to work things out and he doesn't want to keep me waiting he continues with saying that I'm a good person and he still likes me and that he still wants to talk to me and asking me to please not ignore him when he tries to call because he wants to be friends, so at the end of it all I wasn't sure what I was going to do the next day he calls me and I answer and he was so happy I answered the phone because he thought I was going to ignore him but we continued with a normal hi how are you conversation..neither of us has tried to contact each other for the last couple of days which I believe to be a good thing...

anyways I'm really not sure how to take what he said surely it is as simple as lets be friends?
What does my ex really mean??
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