Please advice to overcome the breakup (?

I would say that we have been in a 8-9 months relationship, spoke about living together, is was amazing from the first day, but got messy, I dont blame her, but myself for poor communication skills, and not discussing things which bothered me, there were things which i wasn't satisfied, but i think could have been resolved. I did messed up, and at the age of 25-29 its not something to overcome easily, and people usually go their separate ways, but she and I tried to fix things a few times. She messed with tricks, like tests, etc, and i was in a bad shape and unskilled to get it right. but when I was there i did blame her for being to critical and not caring for me at all... she dates with somebody else for a month... something now, possibly longer, I miss her. do check her web page almost daily, I want to move on and dont know how... I met somebody like her rarely, the one who really changed me for the better, and one like her i do meet seldom, met somebody like her 4 years ago, and met some average in between... She wanted me to be a man and gave me that chance, but i pissed both of us... feel bad now and really want to get out of feeling shitty. I tried dating, like 4 girls so far, and it didn't work out with me... want to be single for a while and work on myself... but i still wake up at night thinking about her...


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  • You and the One who got away and Has Moved on, Obviously, gave it your Best shot, One more 'Shot' and 'Tried to fix things a few times.' However, the writing on the wall is telling me, sweetie, that it wasn't meant to be in your cards and now it is time to lick a Few of your own war wounds and think of Yourself Now.
    By you going out there, trying to find the perfect girl that you feel would be Perfect for you, maybe Better than her, you are just looking for rebounds and in doing this, you are putting yourself in a train wreck waiting to crash course situation and ending Up----Feeling sh*tty. It's not healthy for you, not working for You and you are Not going to get anywhere by comparing every Sally and Jane to her... your heart is going to take longer to heal and so far, This band aid you are trying to put on it, is being ripped off and nothing is sticking here, dear.
    Start by Staying off her 'Web page.' This isn't helping your heart, mind and soul, just making it more Difficult to get on with your own life, which you need to start doing. By doing this, I mean give yourself some time. By you going Out there, looking for love in all the wrong places, you're not ready nor raring for anything or anyone right now. Start with being with a few close friends, family. But you are not doing yourself Nor anyone else too Out there any good by playing King and Queen with them... it ends up a joker with every hand that is dealt.
    Go slow with your flow. When it is meant for you to find someone again, hopefully she will be someone you don't have a problem with and is not a full circle problem child like the other one who Maybe for the best------Got away and is now staying away with someone new and maybe a variety of them down the road.
    It's normal, natural, to be feeling like you got the short end of the stick... in time, for time heals all wounds, you will have learned a lesson in love for the next time around.
    Goo around.


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  • Now she dated someonelse ur chances finish its time to move on I think if u find new girl even not for serious realitionship will help u to feel better
    Do some hobbies try to go gym
    But with time u will feel better


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  • Reminds me of a relationship i just got out of. If she noticed you where dating, she probably started dating to move on as well. If you can't stop thinking about her it's likely she is thinking of you as well. Reach out to her and tell her how sorry you are and tell her how you feel. She is probably waiting for you to do so. "Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about."

    • I am not really sure on that, on telling her how i feel. She did tell me a few times that she is with friends or somebody, having fun... when I did ask her out...

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    • Well, I haven't reached her... i strongly believe that she would reject me. She was testing me for a few months and making a few rude jokes and judgments about me, disrespectfully. saying how fun she had with some guy... she did reject me, and I dont want to act, ie for her first to make a move... knowing that a guy should act, though...

    • Than you need to move on. I'm sorry to say this but it sounds like she has moved on. You are better off and will be happier and healthier once you move past the hard part. You don't need that negativity in your life.

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