What does a like mean?

When my ex broke up with me she also stopped likeing my updates on social medias. We kept texting for a while, but she completely stopped using smileys. She said she stopped using them because she wouldn't want me to get "the wrong idea".

We haven't been in contact for a couple of months now. I even removed her from all social accounts.

Yesterday I posted a picture on Instagram. And she liked it? It wasn't even a very interresting picture, just me and my dog on the couch. And it barely got any likes. But one from her really surprised me...

Could a girl please tell me, why you would start to like an ex's pictures/updates all of the sudden? What would be your motives?

(Please stay away from replies like: "she is you ex, move on")


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  • I did the same thing when I was trying to get his attention and hoping he'd notice and text me

    • Did he? And if not, what do you do after that to get his attention?

    • No it didn't get his attention. And I waited for him to text me and eventually he djd

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  • You're reading too much into it, let go of the past.

    • Maybe, maybe not...
      But this was exactly the kind of rellies I asked to you to stay away from.

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