Would you spouse or partner swap?

First of all I live an odd/interesting life & lifestyle.. But it's fun.
I have a wife & my best friend (female) has a husband.
My best friend is my wife's best friend from high school.
Them two have drifted apart. Their personalities & what they like to do for fun has never been more opposite. My wife is very conservative & doesn't do anything that has the possibility of getting hurt or killed. I on the other hand am somewhat liberal & will do so extreme (to her) stuff. I. e tornado chase, sky dive, bunjee jump.
The best friend & I have pretty much the same personality. She is the female version of me. Her husband is basically the male version of my wife. The wife & the other husband have become good friends & go to political functions, or whatever conservative people do. I don't think they have cheated. I know i haven't. There may have been some interesting close calls between the best friend and I, but something always interrupts us. The usual looking deeply into each others eyes after an adrenaline rushed activity then something happens. Usually a loud or an odd noise snaps us out it.
Last weekend we all were drunk and the other husband brought the idea of doing a spouse swap. It was clear all of us were separating emotionally, physically from our spouses. So none of us even got angry at the notion. If fact we all are still thinking about it. We've seen each other naked so there will no surprised there.
I love my wife. Mainly because she is my wife and your supposed to. Same goes with the other couple. If I were to meet my wife now as if we were single I would probably just want to have sex with her ( she's hot) but i wouldn't date her for long. She wouldn't have been my type. The best friend on the other hand would be more of my type. She is sexy and has all the same interests as me.
Could we all still be friends if we did a partner swap? I think so, if it was a mutual agreement between all 4 of us.

I would like your thoughts on this. Would you?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • There's nothing IN this for you, it's all about the hubby taking notice that from past observations, this idea might fly, which gets him a) another hot body orgasm so he has two choices going forward, b) possibly a free sex trial of a new potential mate.
    Since opposites attract and same-styles don't last for long, all you get is to scratch that itch once or twice and then get dumped by both gals. Other hubby might get dumped also, certainly my wife but not sure about yours.
    If you really have an itch to scratch... learned from a slimy lawyer once that their buddies would go "hunting" in Nevada for a week or so (Mustang Ranch) or many other legal places w/good healthcare. No strings, no consequences (maybe), things go better with pros, only the guilt to live with afterwards.


Most Helpful Guy

  • look I know Variety is Stimulation, but I still wouldn't hahaa :D


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What Girls Said 2

  • Just divorce, you know this will injure your wife if she finds out you're dogging for her friend. Don't disguise it as swapping, just let her go so she can be happy with someone who wants her and values her how she is.

  • Y'all are married for a reason, bro. Stick to the one you married.


What Guys Said 2

  • I personally would t. If you don't like your relationship then just leave it

  • Go for it. Sounds like it would be a good time. Life is short


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