Ex bf is sending mixed messages?

So my ex bf messaged me the other day and then immedienly insinuated that I had done something I hadn't. And was being hot and cold. He told me he wanted me to watch this movie he watched the other day but wouldn't say why then to tell him what I thought of it. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind... where they lose there memories of each other after a break up. Its been about 2 and a half months since he broke up with me and I tried so hard to stay in contact with him. but he told me to leave him. alone so I did. And now his messaging me but after a few days but his not being friendly his just saying stupid stuff And telling me his depressed but happy with his life which makes me angry and. confused What is his deal. Do I watch the movie and tell him what I think? Or just ignore him. Christmas and new years is coming up so I thought I would be nice and send a message for those day


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  • I honestly think it would be better to completely ignore him. He's obviously just confusing you and causing you pain. After a break-up it's always best to cut contact, at least for a while. I get the feeling he's playing games with you and this whole thing will just make it harder for you to heal and move on. You should delete/block him wherever you can. Maybe in a few months you will be able to have friendly contact with him again, but at the moment he's not good for you.


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