Do more women compared to men would love to stay single for a long while if she just got out of a bad relationship?

It seems like if a man just got out of a bad relationship, he wouldn't mind jumping back into dating a woman so very quickly, but for a woman just getting out of a horrible relationship, that's different.

Don't that seem like men need women, but women don't need men?

Do you know some guys who wouldn't mind staying single for a while or has even rejected some women, due to his bad relationship with his ex girlfriend?
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  • I've always gone 2+ years inbetween dating guys. even without a relationship being bad.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I need much time to get over a relationship. I need to find myself again. Usually takes almost a year. I will go in dates but I will not get into a relationship

  • I say yes, it's an emotional ware out for most women. Some even become traumatized, most need the space and the time to regroup. For some it's so we don't bring the negativity to the new relationship to come. ... and realistically not every women like the stress of being in a relationship, me personally I'd love all the benefits of a relationship just with out the title

    • Does this mean women don't need men?

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    • Do men need women or do they don't?

    • As you know this question Varies, but id say yes., Some women need this, if not by just one guy just in general. . but i say the word" need"loosely.
      Its like the old saying goes...
      "Men, can't live with them, Can't live without them"...

What Guys Said 3

  • First, English , learn it. "Would", not "Do".

    Second, no. Females are more likely to rebound and recover faster scientifically speaking.

    • As long as you can read what someone type, then you shouldn't worry about it

    • Yes, we should, mainly because in English ( and a number of other simplified languages ) a lot of phrases actually have different implications. Your title actually has two, the first is a question of preference, the second is a question of actuality, and no, you don't know better, and yes, I know this.

    • People can still give an answer to my phrases, no matter how many I asked

  • It really depends on the circumstances of each relationship as to who's the more traumatized. One partner's frustrations with the relationship slowly starts to build until their dissatisfaction with it catches the other by surprise, so I wouldn't say that either sex is necessarily affected more. If you're a guy, you're still in need of that physical intimacy and will naturally start looking for it much sooner.

  • Seems like it. I think women get more easily attached.


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