Poll Included - Should I break up with him?

I have been with my boyfriend for a month but we rarely see each other and every time I make plans with him he says he already has plans with his best friend.

I got angry at him and said how I truly felt and he only replied with 'i've known her since we were kids and I haven't known you all that long, my best friend comes first and if you can't accept that then maybe we shouldn't be together'
I'm not so sure I feel comfortable with another girl being around my boyfriend more than me :( but he says their friendship is purely platonic.

So should I just break up with him or pull through?
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To not make this all one-sided.
His best friend has cancer so he always cancels on me because he says he's worried about her and needs to see her.
She doesn't know that I exist or that he even has a girlfriend yet.


Most Helpful Guy

  • That is difficult. He has a point. However, if EVERY time you make plans he has to cancel, then you need to ask him, best friend or not, how much does he values your relationship? Can't he give more time for the relationship? Is not weird for him that his FEMALE best friend doesn't let him go out with his girlfriend?

    • He's keeping our relationship a secret from everyone until we are serious. His best friend has cancer but it just so happens he has to see her on THAT day.

    • You will NEVER be in a serious relationship with this guy because he is just not seriously giving enough value to your relationship.

      It doesn't make sense that EVERY time you make plan he just HAPPENS to need to see this girl. Once or twice would be acceptable, but EVERY time?
      I have to agree with the other opinion. Dump him, he doesn't think you are worth all the trouble. He's NOT sweet and caring if he doesn't try to make a balance between having a friend and having a girlfriend. Honestly, as you are now, he's just not serious with you and he will always use that excuse even after you are serious.

      The reality is that he will ALWAYS know her longer than he knows you. You can't help that, he can't help that. He can however, try to make more time for you.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think he's a bad guy. If I had a long-time friend who had cancer, they would definitely take priority over someone I had only been dating for a month.

    But if you're unhappy with the amount of time and attention he's giving you, then sure, it makes sense to break up and find someone who is better suited to meet your relationship needs.

    Although, it is a bit shady that he hasn't mentioned to her that he's seeing someone, I suppose. That seems like something you'd mention, at least in passing, to your best friend.


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What Guys Said 2

  • If you have to ask total strangers on the internet may as well let it go.

    • I come here for help, not to be judged.

    • I am not passing judgment upon you. You aren't worth that much to me.

  • He's not ready to be any girl's boyfriend. Break up.

    • He's sweet and caring.

    • Yes, he must be. Though, when I say he's not ready I mean that he's putting his friend in the first place. When you're in a relation, the girlfriend must come before any friend. In my opinion if he clearly didn't understand it and that's why he's not ready.

What Girls Said 2

  • Dump him. If you aren't a priority and if he doesn't value you how you feel then dump his arse. That attitude is a recipe for a crap relationship.

    • But he's really sweet and caring :( I may not see him much but I like him a lot but I wish he would stop making plans with his best friend for one day so we can have time together.

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    • He always stresses that it's important for him to see her as he told me she has cancer :(

    • Life happens. If he valued your feelings and your relationship he would make time for you as well. This time doesn't seem like the right time for your relationship.

  • break up. the girlfriend should always come before his female friends.


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