Im in the middle of a divorce. I love and miss my wife. She wants nothing to do with me. Should I tell her I miss her and have feelings still?

She left me about eight months ago. I lost my job and got really sick. I got arrested and she packed up and left before I got home.


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  • Talk to her and see if you will agree to go to counseling with you do that y'all can make things better.


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  • It sounds like there is some emotional trauma and disconnect between you two.

    What is more important than what you were arrested for is the connection you used to have.

    I have to ask, did you have sex before marriage? It matters. If yes, it can really hinder the bonding that should have happened before.

    The truest form of a connection happens with the heart. It can go very deep, or just be superficial. Sounds like her heart is walled up and cold to you. Not vulnerable. Not submissive. Have you earned her soft, feminine heart? Do you deserve it?

    It is a treasure worth more than all the money in the world. It can make a man- or destroy him.

    Yes, you should tell her. But not just blurting out the words... Look deep inside of her heart. Reach out for that connection you two once shared. Touch her, if you can, physically, her arm, gently, and tell her, how much you care.

    Resolve in your heart that you will recognize how important she is to you. How she means the world to you- and treat her so. She will reciprocate as that connection is restored and repaired. I always recommend seeking God, as He has repaired so much damage in my soul.

    • This is the best advice I think I've been given. Yes we did have premarital sex. I want my wife back. I know God wants us together. I love this women with my heart and soul. Id walk through hell for her. Any help would be amazing.

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    • I can really appreciate what your saying. I've lost my way in terms of my relationship with god. After she left me I stopped praying and lost my faith. I think I needed to hear what u said thank you.

    • That is the best encouragment you can give me. I am happy to encourage you my friend. God has our best in mind- seek Him and you will find what you need.

      I am praying for your restoration. What is her name?

      Ephesian 5:25 The husbands! love your own wives, as also the Christ did love the assembly, and did give himself for it,

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  • Yes tell her in person

  • Go talk to her before its too late tell her everything in ur hart but keep n mind maybe she will refuse so think about it to not feel worst but dont waste time go tell her bcoz in the future u will regret u didn't talk her


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