Why does he want to stay friends with me after we broke up?

We went out for a couple of months. We broke up mutually but more so from pressure on his part. He stressed staying friends.

It's been two weeks. We sit next to each other for class.

He eavesdrops, then tries to talk to me, to get my attention, to make me laugh, and he teases/flirts with me. I don't respond very much and he continues to try. I don't hate him, but I need time.

The other day he just stared at me for almost the entire hour, I don't think he realized I noticed.

To me, when I break up with someone, it's because I need to be apart and I want space from them. I don't understand his actions.

Can someone give their opinion? Thanks.


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  • Wow in dat case u r so lucky cuz by this time he could Hv started dating another girl
    Maybe he is happy with u
    And u two might Hv many disagreements wen u r together in a relationship while friendship can b different

  • He still wants to be with you but is trying to give you your space. Unfortunately, his feelings for you still come out. It's very sweet on his part as most guys especially at that age would already be onto the next girl.

    • I feel like this is true, but I'm confused because he pushed for the breakup. I'm glad that I'm not the only one with thoughts along these lines, though. Thanks for the input

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