Please give me advice, I need all of it?

So I was with my boyfriend for 4 years, we moved in together 4 months ago, and he broke up with me 3 months ago.
How can I get him to give me a second chance? It was a break up during a fight, he originally wanted a break until i made him choose between breaking up or making up. He says he loves our friendship, but i can't be friends with him. He acts like were dating, everything except physical intimacy. He is on the tinder app, met a girl, and they've been talking a lot, but he said he still isn't over me. What can i do? we still live together by the way.
He knew how he was going to propose, he wanted to get married, spend our lives together, etc.


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  • Well this is a tricky one... I suppose you have a few options:
    1) Give him an ultimatum
    2) Give him time, but it is going to be painful.
    3) Move out and give him time.

    It seems that 3 is the best option...


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