If you & ur ex haven't spoke for 2 weeks is it officially over?

I don't want to text him because he hasn't text me i want him to be with me because he realizes he wants to be with me not because i begged him too :( its been hard not to write him i miss him so much! But things just seemed like they were never gana change </3 we were together for a year i honestly truly loved him! We both have done things to each other in the past but i was good to him!!! I wish he would realise how much i genuinely loved him!! I hope were meant to be and that he comes back to me:( i wanted a forever thing w him i guess life's not fair :'( i wonder if he thinks about me? Am i on his mind? He hasn't wrote me at all:(& i don't want to 1st because then he will never try to change his ways!


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  • Well, you broke up. Maybe he's trying to move on and that's why he didn't contact you. If he haven't talked to you for 2 weeks I don't think he will. If you want something, seek it. So, try to text him yourself. I said many times here and I say again: it's better to try than regret later for something you could've done, even if the plans go wrong.


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  • itz not really over. Therez many ways to interpret this issue. He may need space and time to think. you should call him for a coffee and make it clear (pls dont blame or beg , this is your only 1 shot). No point staying there and guess. if he need space, tell him you understand and give him the time he need (if you still wanna be with him ONLY). if he wants a break up. say Yes and let him know that because you respect his decision. Then take 1 month of No contact to find out if you really wanna get him back. a month of NO contact is a must in this case.


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  • 2weeks yes for me it's enough to move on and it's over

  • it was officially over when the use of ex came in.

    • haha exactly what i was gonna say lol

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    • u said it in a smart way though...

    • Do you want me to say it in a dumb way?
      It over wen u use da werd ex

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