How to get my stuff back w/o talking to him during No Contact?

we have broken up 2 weeks ago. we was always on off for 1.5 years together. Now I think itz time to move on. he broke up with me as he found out relationship is always up and down. i agreed last week. i want my stuff back but we are still in No Contact perios. what should I do? We were on long distant relationship before


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  • If you're both mature adults just ask him if you can get your stuff back. There is no law on "no contact".

  • Just be clear to him that you're not doing this just to get his attention. Tell him," look I need to come by and get my things. We don't have to speak, we don't even have to look at each other. I just want my things and that's it." DONT show up to his house randomly. when you tell him that, he will just think," okay she's coming by to get her things and that's it." Guys are very simple minded so it's nothing to stress over.


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