What else can you say to your fiance after you tell her to get out of your house?

Been together almost 3 years, engaged for 1 1/2. She's been lying and deleting messages to and from other guys including her ex husband. Finally I had enough of the crying game and hearing that she'll change, so Friday I told her I want her out by the first. Saturday she wakes up like nothing happened... I don't want to come home to my house burnt down, so... To make it worse, she has 2 boys by her ex husband.


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  • You need to give it to her in writing, this makes it official and tells her it's seriously over, I went through the same thing a few months back, it will still hurt you even though you want it to happen so stay strong, and if she makes any threats say you have already phoned the police and they know the situation so it wouldn't be a good idea to damage your property.


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