I want to visit Eharmony match's home, he says we're not there yet! Why?

Joined Eharmony last summer. Found a great man that I've been talking to. We made it an exclusive dating relationship in October. We've put in some time. We're no strangers.

I thought with a platform like Eharmony where I lay all my cards bare, "I dont want to date for an eternity, I want x many kids" etc. that this feeling of being strung along would be eliminated.

Not the case.

We've met once since talking. We're planning our second meet. He wants to take us somewhere fun. I want to go to his house. I said in text that I'd like to see his place "to see if I want to move there."

He replied "we're not there yet" and my comment scared him because "we've only met and I'm already thinking of moving."

WTF! Really?

I'm thinking one of three things may be true:
- he's hiding something
- he's truly scared to move the relationship forward
- he's not into me as much as I'm into him

Help me decide what to do. If I'm missing something let me know please. I thought we both knew marriage is where we wanted to go, why is he acting so surprised and mean?


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  • You say that you've met once, so this is your second date. I wouldn't want to bring a guy home on the second day either.

    It has nothing to do with him not wanting marriage eventually. BUT he might not want it with you. You don't start dating someone knowing that you WILL marry that person. You have to make sure first that you're even a match, that this will even work. And like he said, you are not there yet.


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  • you're being a nut


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