Did I do the right thing by cutting communication with her?

About a month and a half or so ago I came to my senses and finally stopped talking to a girl who I had been talking to for a few months.

Long story short, we texted a lot but she always either blatantly said no or flaked when we had made plans. We only went to the movies together a couple times, or hang out with our group of friends together. She is really shy, and hard to talk to. One night she gets drunk, and tells me she doesn't want a relationship, and she's not the relationship type. I had openly told her that's reason enough for me to leave, yet she insisted otherwise. This is where it gets confusing for me. I don't know why, but I tried to keep the level of conversation up like it was before that conversation but she stopped texting a lot and started ignoring, but I never really got the hint. In retrospect I probably looked very desperate. Well one night we were with our friends and got drunk together, and we kissed though nothing really changed, and I became more confused.

Finally I just said forget it and stopped texting her, if she really cares she'll reply back though she never really did. Any texts we had in between were just a couple, and each time she had just stopped responding. (I have a nasty habit of always having the last word in a conversation)

Since I've kinda forgotten about her, I've been busy with other girls who actually appear to like me, but since I'm new to the dating game I'm not sure I did the right thing.
More on this girl, which I had reserved for an update on purpose.

She was too shy to ever introduce herself to me and had a friend tell me to text her. The shyness on her part is why I ask this question, because I feel like it may be possible she still likes me though doesn't take the initiative and assert herself. Either way I'm done waiting I guess.


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  • you did what you thought was right.


What Guys Said 1

  • i think she is the one who cut communication with you

    • I agree brother, but it's much easier on my ego to phrase it this way LOL

    • haha... i think she wanted to just fuck... no strings attached

    • I don't think so, anything remotely sexual made her uncomfortable.

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