Why does it take guys so long to regret leaving a girl?

I've known guys who broke up with their girlfriends and didn't regret the decision until about a year or two later. Why is this?


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  • Simple, a split usually happens when something internal malfunctions. Its usually a spur of the moment thing so it doesn't kick in till later because thats usually when the loneliness kicks in, so people (not just guys) begin to weigh the pros and cons of having actually broken up with the previous person.
    This only happens on two occasions, the person isn't happy in their current relationship, or, there is no relationship to speak of.

    • Why does this sometimes take years?

    • because thats how long it could take for something to happen that makes them reminisce or regret. usually when whoever they are with next doesn't measure up to the person they were with before. Also, sometimes its not regret, just because a guy comes back to you doesn't mean he regrets anything, you could just be the fall back girl.

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  • Is there some written rule that says guys have to regret this decision immediately, or even at all?

  • After not having sex for a year a man starts to weigh the negatives of that relationship against her vagina.

    • That's ridiculous and definitely not the reason considering the guys who regret their decision a year or two later have girlfriends along the way

    • You are a girl, so it is ridiculous to you. This is fact.

    • Im with this... but i will explain better in my opinion

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