Ladies, how do guys that you know love you react to being broken up to? And guys how do you react to it? Im curios because I acted very indifferent?

I don't know if i'm in the gray but when my girl broke up with me because I guess i scared her saying i love you too soon i kinda reacted very indifferent and didn't even contacdt her for a week.

I did send her a gift that i promised to give her only because I felt that I was in a better place that I wouldn't mind giving her a gift that i put a lot of thought into it. She did not expect to get what I sent her but I just felt that she deserved a token of my appreciation because she really helped me change for the better. I learned from her because she was an exceptional person and allowed myself to emulate certain traits in her that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I thanked her for the time we knew each other and told her all the reasons why I would never regret getting to know her.

I told my friends this and they say how dumb it was and that it shows that i'm still in love with her. Contrary, I feel that someone who's in love will have an ego to do the total opposite.

What do you think?


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  • Well one guy who claimed he loved me kept apologizing for"whatever you think I did" after i dumped him and he kept saying he still loved me but he was sleeping with other girls. When i pointed that out to him he said he wasn't but two of the girls he was sleeping with were my cousins. That probably doesn't help at all. I'm sorry.


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