She wants break up coz of age?

okay i have been going out
with this girl for about 6 months now
but she just said she wants break up
coz of the age differnce its 8 years
and almost right after it she just said nevermind
i dont want to break up
what do i do or think or feel?


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  • Think of how different you were 8 years ago. That's the difference between you two. There's nothinf wrong with an age difference but she might be too shy or scared to say anything about breaking up with you if she's that much younger. Try talking to her about it again to ask her why she'd say that.

    • i did and she said she doesn't know

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  • Is she older of younger than you?
    Age it is not important but the way of thinking is different. The way of thinking can be gain from experiences. I think that it what the matter. I can understand younger people think but they don't understand me. Because they have no clue about my reason.

    • she is younger

    • Probably, She doesn't understand her life yet. She needs time to figure out what she want. She have no clue what is going to be. Break up but she have feelings for you and it gonna hurt herself. So what you can do just be there for her.

  • If she said she wanted to break up. She is probably being honest.

    • but what should i do or say?

  • so you could potentially be 24 and her 16... thats fucked up

  • Ummm... how old is she


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