How do I get over someone im in love with quicker? How do you move on and learn to accept when it's all over?

My ex & i of 1 year & 1/2 are officially over we both weren't perfect but he always made it seem like it was always my fault he never owned up to his mistakes i at least owned up to my mistakes & agmited to wen i was wrong & tried to change my ways while he couldn't do it, he gave up on someone who would have never gave up on him but im not going to force him to stay if he's not happy how do you move on & learn to accept things? one day ill feel fine another day ill just miss him like crazy i just don't know what to do! We are both in are 20s &this was my 1st serious relationship, how do you move on from someone your in love with? i hate things had to end but i feel like I don't know what else i could have done:( i hope one day he looks back and says "Damn that girl really loved me" hopefully its not late by the time he realizes it if he ever does...
i really need multiple opinions im feeling lost:(
im trying to keep my headup but its hard:(


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  • Focus on yourself, take a few days to be sad and eat ice cream but after that it's all about you! Go shopping and treat yourself to something you've really wanted. Go out with your friends dancing and eat at your favourite restaurant. Do all the things he never wanted to do. It takes time but now you get to be all about yourself! You'll need awhile to get over it but it will happen!

    • thank u i hope i get over him asap since he ain't tryna work things out:/

    • Sad how the other half dosent want to work things out. I wish my ex would want to work things out, but she left for her ex. So I was dumped.

    • U can't trust these hoes lol, one day ill know he'll see i really was there for him hopefully he ain't to late by then if not fuck it

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