Does my bf want to break up?

I think my bf wants to break up. While we were at the beach with his friends he said" Would you be mad if I dated a chick from work?" I said "Of course that means you were waiting for us to break up to date her." He said no"

Then he said "Would you be mad if I was friends with my ex?"
I said of course why would you be? Are you?"
He said iM not friends with any of them im just asking"

Im over this relationship right now


Most Helpful Girl

  • It sounds like his was trying to irritate you, I'm not sure about his motives though.

    But if you are over it, maybe it's time to go. To me it sounds like there must be other problems as well aside from these two questions he asked you?

    • He irritates me a lot on purpose.. He said "a relationship is not a relationship unless I do things to annoy you"

    • That's a weird way of thinking. Of course it's normal to have disagreements and even fights in a relationship, but to provoke them intentionally is just insane.

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What Guys Said 3

  • We do not exist for you to vent, you know. That is not the collective purpose.

  • Are you saying guys and girls can't be "just friends"?

    • Yes, Yes I am.

    • Wow, well, that's a first

  • U can't judge yet maybe he just want to know if u jealous

    • Never thought of that

What Girls Said 1

  • Girl break up with him if u are over him better then wait for him to hurt u


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