Once you've been extremely heart broken, how was it being able to trust again?

This guy that I really loved cheated on me. When I found out, he made it seem like It was all in my head. He then told the girl that he disrespected me when I confronted him about her and acted as if he treated me badly to make her feel good. She told me and laughed. I was so hurt. I tried to talk to him about it and he wouldn't answer my calls. Its been a month and it still hurts. I really dont trust anyone anymore. I never want to be in another relationship because it seems like they come off as trustworthy then switch up. How can I change my trust issues?


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  • You will go through a normal grief period lasting days to weeks, just as would anyone who experiences loss of someone they cared for and who shared a bit of their life.

    You'd be abnormal if you didn't grieve. But you are not on this earth to suffer. You can make things better right now by taking charge of your life by continuing your normal daily routine and forcing yourself to maintain a good diet and exercise program. Get plenty of sleep. No alcohol. Now is the time to catch up on your reading, take an academic course, and see those movies you may have missed. Brush up your social skills with the art of light conversation, body language, and appropriate eye contact and smiling so you can start accepting dates with those guys who've been making sidelong glances at you (haven't you noticed them?). Get your hair done. Always wear a bit of red. Get back into the dating game with others ASAP and enjoy yourself. Learn to meditate. Do those things that make you relax (again, no alcohol). Keep moving and keep looking ahead and be happy with yourself.

    You will eventually meet someone you like better than old whatshisname. It's a matter of statistics, self-exposure, and taking chances with new people. You have learned from this philanderer and have become a wiser person, so be glad for that.

    • Thanks... im not being cocky but honestly it's his loss. I am really a great person and the fact that he was willing to risk me for a fun night shows maybe he deserves someone who will treat him with the same respect he gave me. I know I deserve better but it was the love that made keep giving chances. If he responded to my calls, I probably would have still been in a relationship. I am greatful that he's been ignoring me, which is weird. It hurts because I thought maybe he cared but I guess after a month it proves he doesn't. And now im starting to realized anyone who treats me this way didn't deserve my heart in the first place. I wish I wouldve known that ahead of time.

    • Good for you! Sounds like you've already got things well under control and see the light.

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  • Really sorry for your experience, but there is no point crying over spilled milk. There will always be guys out there like your ex, cheaters at heart and because of that, you have no other chioce but to risk putting your trust in a person if you want to continue dating.

    If you want to get rid of your trust issues, I have no idea how. Perhaps time will heal your wound but I know you'll still be haunted by this unfortunate experience.

    • Crap!! I hoped that one day it would feel like just a pigment of my imagination. Honestly, I hoped it would erase from my mind... Ugh!
      Thanks for advice.

    • It will be erased, when you meet the guy whom you'll fall in love with and get married to. On your wedding day, all these inconsequential and hurtful memories will dissapear as you will be too filled with euphoria that these bad memories will lose it's grip on your mind.

    • What you said just put a smile on my face. Just thinking about a man who will treat me greatly makes me wonder why so many girls settle. It does hurt and a broken heart can feel like a sickness and the only cure is that man (who is hurting you). Your advice really put me in a different mood. Thanks :)

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