If my gf left for her ex, is that technically a rebound relationship?

She left for her ex, out of no where, is this considered a rebound as well we dated over a year?


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  • No she left you and went back to him, for her the grass is probably always greener. Don't worry, he'll probably cheat on her lol

    • Yes he kind of did before by sexting other girls, lets see if he learned is lesson.

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    • I just feel that if a guy could open up my mind and see what I seen and experience what I felt... then they would understand that I am not just a sexual object or a virgin... instead see me as a person ready to make firends and share her feeling... hope next semester is different!

    • @apple24 you're actually asking for someone who's had what is a profound realization. the majority of people are selfish and don't care what others feel. that's the way it is i'm afraid. like in the indiana jones movie, you must choose wisely. pain can't be avoided in love either, but don't let it fuck everything up when it happens, take the lessons you need from it. don't make decisions or be forced in to making decisions when you are angry or upset. that is my advice, go in peace my child! lol

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