Post break up stress disorder?

How to deal with my break up
I miss him
I think I love him but he is not ryt for me 100%
how to deal with my emotions


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  • It's not a disorder...

    It's completely normal and you just have to move on, it will happen in time.

    • I know it's not a disorder but I really need smtin ryt now to get over him

  • Well.. you need to be very strong during the phase you are undergoing, it's one of the toughest.. you feel a lot of pain in your heart and can't concentrate on anything, just be strong, just think everything happens for a reason, you would be perfectly alright as the time passes, and as the time passes you get even more stronger and stronger.. you need not worry about a guy who left you, just think of you and your health and your parents, who are the assets for you right now. Just chill.. it's jus a passing cloud.. you'll be fine and life is beautiful...


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