How do you move on from ur 1st love?

i just came to realize there's no more i can do for my relationship it was going to down hill & it just seemed impossible to make everything better:( it was so hard to walk away cus im deeply in love w him & i don't know how to move on & im starting to realize he just ain't ever agmit he's wrongs he even told me last night "the love i had for u went in the garbage" that hurt a lot wen he told me that after all we've been through & after all I've done for him i was there through his struggles! i was hoping he would end up regreting letting me go & realise i was a good woman to him!!! Now i feel like he may never realise it & never come back to me:'( im starting to accept it but how do u move on & learn to let go? it hurts so bad i feel like im dying inside:( i feel uncertain about the future w out him what if i never meet someone & end up alone forever, i just don't know how to pick myself back up at this point how do u move on? it seems impossible!
i need some advice to help me get through it:(


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  • I'm going through a similar situation... it has been tough. I have found surrounding myself with positive, supportive people helps. Devoting more time to hobbies (I love riding horses for example) is a good way to move forward. Finding a new love interest has also helped me be distracted enough, but also has kind of hurt me a bit because I miss certain things about my ex.

    • Yes it is hard im trying to stay strong one day ill feel fine another day i feel like bleh:/ im just ready to get passed this already because i know he's no good for me i loved him anyways but at this point there ain't more i can do:/

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  • Well.. you need to be very strong during the phase you are undergoing, it's one of the toughest.. you feel a lot of pain in your heart and can't concentrate on anything, just be strong, just think everything happens for a reason, you would be perfectly alright as the time passes, and as the time passes you get even more stronger and stronger.. you need not worry about a guy who left you, just think of you and your health and your parents, who are the assets for you right now. Just chill.. it's jus a passing cloud.. you'll be fine and life is beautiful... you need to explore a lot... a lot.. belive me ,, it's cool here..

    • im trying to stay strong but it is tough i never thought we were gana end but i guess i can't control that beyond this point:(

    • Just stay stronger... this phase is limited.. the faster you realize the faster it goes.
      you heart likes to be in pain, you need to over come.. once you cross this,, jus believe me.. it's gonna be very good and comfortable for you.. trust me... be strong and come over it

  • by finding your 2nd love.


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