Did I messed things up for good?

I've been dating this guy of about 2 months. I'm extremely insecure, thanks to my previous relationships, and I think I just damaged something that could have been good for me. Every time we're together we have a great time but then I start overthinking and afterwords shoot him a text message questioning things (yeah, I know that's a no-no) The latest thing was really a joke that he took so serious, called me up and totally flipped out on me telling me that he is walking on eggshells with me, and hung up on me. I called him the following day, we talked for a little bit and he said we'd talk soon. Well, he hasn't called. We have a trip coming up in couple of weeks and now I'm not even sure what to do with that. Should I just cancel my plans? Do I talk to him about it- I'm stumped and I take the full responsibility for this one, just don't know where to go from here. To say that I'm heartbroken over sabotaging my own happiness in a huge understatement.


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  • Stop texting him. It's not that hard. Control yourelf.


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