How do I break up with my girlfriends?

Ok so, no trolling. I have four girlfriends right now and I want to break up with them. Let me explain: The first one asked me to ask her out, as weird as it sounds, and I didn't have the heart to say no because she's kind of suicidal. The second one is really pretty and she accepted to be my gf even tho she knew I had other girlfriend at the same time. The third one is pretty and I didn't mean to be his boyfriend but she kind of got in love with me and I love her too but as a friend or even a sister.
The fourth one is really cute and I like talking with her and she broke up with her boyfriend to be with me. I know it's messed up and it all happened real fast so what should I do?
Ok I'm looking for a situation in which I don't get killed.


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  • Call them all into a room and tell them altogether instead of individually.


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  • Can't really help you here, but I'll give my opinion on the matter at least... break up with girl #1, 3, and 4

    • Yea, I'll probably do that.

    • @Hephaestus has a point too though, make sure #2 knows about all of them if you choose to stay with just her, same with the rest, make sure they all know about the other ones, because it's easier to get over anger than sadness, and would be so much fairer to them.

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  • tell them all.
    that way it is more likely to turn into anger than sadness for them, thus making it fairer

  • Tell them all and off ur phone for a week


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