What should I do. Not only did she dump me over an argument she comes out a few days after and tells me she's going on a vacation for some me time?

To make a long story short I come back home for the holidays to see family and my girl. I originally planned to leave around the 17th of Dec. But instead I ended up deciding to stay through new years. And for the last week me and my girl had been arguing a lot back and forth but in between each argument it was like nothing happened we would completely forget about it. Any how after one argument we had she broke up with me the next day. I said some mean things and she ended it. From there a few days past and we went out to work on fixing our relationship. Then she comes out of nowhere and says on the 29th she's leaving for Richmond Va. for 2 weeks and if she finds a job she is moving there. She says she needs some me time and she also says no contact and she will be with "friends" I told her to have fun and she says she plans on it. (I know she once went to college in Danville va. So not sure if its a guy from her past or actually friends) I will not say anything else about it. She says she still wouldn't mind fixing our relationship. Today is the first day I haven't smothered her in text trying to win her back. She hasn't messaged me either. We've been broken up for a week now. I also wonder how long she had been planning this and when she planned telling me. I'm sure it was before the break up and before I decided to extend my stay. she doesn't have a job so I know she is staying with someone for her time there. Even though we aren't together I can't help but wonder especially since she is willing to get back with if I can fix it. Ladies what should I do. I really love her. I also don't think she would care one way or the other so I don't know If this is truly how she feels or if she just wants me to think that. I'm debating on no contact at all and see where that gets me?
Mistake : she will not say anything else about it.
At the part where I mention the trip


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  • She broke up with you, then says she's moving away and she doesn't want you to her contact her... And you're still thinking about ways to get her back? I'm sorry, but you need to stop being a little bitch about it and move on... If she was interested in getting back to you she wouldn't be going away and asking you not to contact her, now maybe if you leave her alone she might end up missing you and want to give it another chance in the future, but that's the only thing you can do now without ruining things even more.


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