Question about my (very) recent breakup?

Just broke up with her over text-bear with me here ladies.
We've been dating about 7-8ish months just had a fight over the phone lasted like 2 hrs. She kept claiming that i hadn't called her in days that's basically what we fought about. She hung up on me after i sent her a screenshot of my phone history showing that i had called her at 8:38 JUST LAST NIGHT i called her back twice in in the last 20 minutes didn't pick up i'm just so fucking over this so i sent her a text telling her its over and she just went off about what a douche i am for breaking up with her over text and yada yada and called me a coward.

I don't feel like i was in the wrong because i tried to call her multiple times...
What do you think?


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  • Do what my ex did and tell her you have decided not to change her mind. Then wish her well. She will love this ;)


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  • It's immature... if she wants to be with you she will learn to behave in a civilised manner.
    She might be a little attached but if you are interested lay off for a while give it some time for her to sort her priorities out. Best of luck (Y)

  • She is overreacting and if I were you I would leave her alone for a few days for sure. Breaking up over text is childish but if she wouldn't answer her phone then its her fault.

    • Im probably going to be leaving her alone for a lot longer than that...

  • I think she's over reacting


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