How can I get my ex gf back after a break up?

We dated for about 3 months and have known each other for 8. Our relationship was very passionate but turbulent because of my fear of getting close and losing it. My last relationship over 3 years ago left a huge scar on me and I wasn't serious with anyone up until my current ex. I really love her and I could really see myself building a future with her and eventually marriage. I've been doing a lot of soul searching the past few days and told her that I would start fights because I was scared of getting hurt. Other than my fear we had a really great relationship. We would have amazing talks, and just a really good time with one another. We both saw a future together and both wanted to work at getting to that point. I've stopped reaching out to her and have been giving her space but replying to her texts. We still are friends on FB and such. I really want to make it work or at least give it everything I have to make it work. Thanks for your help.


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  • Then after Christmas call her and ask if you can talk to her. Confess to her exactly what you confessed here, ask forgiveness and ask if you can try again. Best wishes...

  • Use a trap and bait it with her favorite food, when she's trapped inside tip her out into a hessian sack then keep her in the basement, Fritzl style, so she can never leave again!


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