He's not over his ex... when he will be, will he consider me or will he want a brand new girl?

I'm mad about this guy, I like him for more than a year. We saw each other a few times, but he told me I should find someone else. He has been with other girls since then.

After 3 months of no contact, I commented on a song he posted on Facebook. He wrote a message and sent me a few other songs; he then told me he wasn't over his ex and gave me the details (4 years relationship, he bought a ring, she cheated with one of his friends), 2 years passed and he said he thinks about her every day, and that no matter who he is with, he can't stop thinking about her, he misses her but really wants to move on.

He sees other girls right now, he kinda jumps from one to another...

I know right now he needs to heal and that I shouldn't wait around... But do you think that when he will heal, I might get a real chance? I mean, when a guy wants a new relationship, he will want a brand new girl or he might consider one of the girls that he previously dated? Is it true that when a guy really likes a girl, he will forget about the ex, or maybe he liked me but he knows he isn't emotionally available?

Should I sometimes contact him or maybe wait and see if he's gonna make a step? Or maybe just give up completely?

It's incredibly hard to let this one go... Any advice will be appreciated.


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  • This will fail.

    Regardless do what makes you happy until you don't want to do it anymore. That will naturally come on it's own.

    • this will fail - my attempt to be with him?

      I'll do my best to be happy, thank you

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    • well I was thinking some day he will heal... so I think his behavior will change...

      but I guess time will tell and if I really made a difference, he will reach out to me...

    • Hope... can be such a bitter thing.

      Good luck.

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  • Don't give up just keep in touch he may eventually get bored of all these random girls just let him know that you are there for him but dont put your life on hold

    • ok thank you for your advice... this is what I really want to do, but I'm also afraid that if this won't lead to anything I will get more and more hurt...

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    • Well it is your choice

    • well I really really wanna be with him but I don't wanna get hurt... god this is so bitter!

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  • There isn't a set time and it's a possibility he may want you or he may meet someone else.

    • so you're saying I should stick around but there's no guarantee it will lead to something?

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    • Time is an invaluable currency, so spend it wisely.

    • thank you!

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