I can't bear to break up with someone that I know I need to. Advice?

My girlfriend hangs out with many of her guy friends over me. Truth be told this is how we met, she was dating some shmuck and left him for me about 2 months in progress. Now we've been dating for 2 years and she's putting other guys ahead of me.

I can feel the break up coming in my pit. How do I inevitably let go of her when I've had so much time and care invested in this girl?


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  • Your 2 years are not waisted if you learn something from it.
    If you believe a break up is eminent then I suggest you face it head on. Take the first step and do it. It is easier if you are the dumper. It is never easy. But take confort that you are doing the right thing. There nothing more to be gained and the rest is a waste of your time.
    She doesn't appreciate you.


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  • talk to her and see if it can be resolved first. tell her you feel like she's putting other guys ahead of you first.

    • I've already spoken to her. Excuses and denials, am I about to get hurt?

    • i have no clue. tell her straight up you dont like the position you are in in her life. its annoying as shit when girls have tons of "friends who are guys". i hate dating girls like that

    • Alright, appreciate the comment

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