Don't know how to respond to text from ex-gf who I have not had contact since breakup about a gift I sent her for Xmas?

I sent a package to my ex girlfriend who broke up with me a month back, we have not had contact, it wasn't a horrible breakup and I desperately want her back. I sent the package to her and she has not picked it up because she has been to busy.

I reached out to her today (christmas) with: I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Also, I don't know if you got it, if not there is a package for you at the post office waiting for you to pick up.

She responded: I have been real busy to even pick it up. I am confused though why you would have got me anything. And Merry Christmas to you too!

I don't know what to write back, as I might sound snide or do I just let her get the gift.

Side Note: She hasn't gotten the gift, in the card I wrote "thinking of you this Christmas. Love, my name (still your #1 fan) it is a shirt that had something funny on it and an antique medical dictionary (she is a Dr.) with a note in the book that read "saw this and thought of you, hope you enjoy it and it can help to show how far you have come (she has really bad self esteem issues)


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  • answer by saying you had gotten it for her before the breakup and you still wanted to give it to her. that won't make you look desperate ill just make you look like you already had it and wanted to get rid of it.
    Also it seems to me like she is making up excuses about to being able to pick it up she could have sent anyone else to pick it up for her. don't waste your time.


What Guys Said 1

  • "Well, Merry Christmas!", you have no sound standing so there's nothing for you to say.


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