Am I better off with out her?

My ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago we were together 6 months & I'm struggling to move on. For the fist 4 month it was great we both liked each other a whole lot & she even admitted to falling head over hills for me & then about a month ago she got mad at me because I'm not confident & ask dumb questions about our relationship which I completely stopped doing after, plus she twisted my words when I asked her mom about a dr appointment she had coming up because I was worried about her & my ex thought I was saying she needed to be fixed I told her I didn't mean that at all. & after a few days it was great everything seemed ok she stayed the night with me on Thanksgiving & then that weekend she invited me to a family event & when I got to her house before we went to her family event she was acting really off & said she was just tired. after we got done we went back to her house & hung out with her parents & watched tv then after a bit she rushed me out. With finals coming up I gave her some space so she could study which is what she said she needed & so we didn't get to see each other until a week later she asked me to pick her up from school since it was her last day of finals & I picked her up & everything was good until we got to my house & started talking about next semester & she said she didn't think we would see each other very much if ever & said she was thinking about braking up with me because she doesn't fill the same way & doesn't know why & said it could be because of what happened last month or when she would stay the night I tossed & turned waking her up & then she compared me to a dog she had that did that & she said she "hated it" & then she said maybe it's because I wasn't a challenge. She kept telling me how great I was & how much she likes me & then would say stuff that was just completely the opposite. I liked her a lot & miss her so much. & The thought of her being with someone else is killing me. Am I better off with out her?


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  • She is acting like a child. she doesn't have the ovaries to tell you the truth to your face so she is making up shit for why she wanted to break up. Let her be its her loss. people do not realize what the have until it is gone. move on.. get some one else and learn from your mistakes


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  • You are better off without her.


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  • brother, its funny how we are in the same exact situation, and it kills me every morning to even think that she is with someone else... i need help to get myself out of this.

    • Yea man it's tough not gonna lie but it does get better I promise ya that it's been nearly 9 months since my ex & I broke up I still think about her everyonve in a great while but I realize now I'm way better off without her she was going to be the death of me & my career with how much stress she put me under. If I may ask what happened? I'd like to see if I can help ya realize what I know now a lot sooner than I did trust me you don't want to take as long as I did haha.

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