Why doesn't he fight for me?

My guy and I are having problems. He isn't honest about his feelings for me, which I assume is because of fear and lack of confidence. I can tell he loves me... and I was bold enough to call him out on things and he sheepishly and embarrassingly admitted his feelings. Now he's doing it
AGAIN. This causes hurt on both sides. I told him I just couldn't do it anymore... he looked like he was going to cry and then awkwardly said he had to go wash his face. I told him how torn up and heartbroken I was and that I just needed to see him and have him sit with me. Then he avoids seeing me and just wants to talk on the phone... which I find really hurtful. I tell him how hurt I am because of his behavior and why I can't do it anymore and he says he's sad but sounds relatively nonchalant about
it. how can he act like he loves me and then shut down and not fight for me?


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  • Does he show these feelings on the days before you have sex? could be using you.. hard to say..

    If not and you know he truly does love you then he either thinks he's going to push you away by being overly attached, which is right a lot of the time, when girls feel they have a guy under there control they sometimes move away, or he is just too shy in which case you need more time to bond with him, go out and do stuff together more.


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  • He's been on an emotional rollercoaster and is exhausted?
    Just a guess.


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  • You need to type this same over text and wait for reply.

  • But are YOU fighting for him?

    • Yes! I'm fighting TERRIBLY for him.

    • Well then you have to tell him that you two HAVE to sit down and sort things out. If not then threaten a breakup.

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