Is it long distance relationship really cannot stay long?

Me & my ex bf have been together around 2 years and half... He have to work in oversea and he moved there on March this year... We haven't meet for 9 months and I have plan my trip to visit him on December... I was looking forward to meet him... Last month, he asked for break up... Why? I cannot accept the fact... I really want to be with him...


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  • No long term doesn't work... I want to write this on my tombstone... I said it so many times and idiots argue with me... The they come back crying and asking how they can get over it...


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  • If there are no plans in the near future for one of the two people to move, then there's not much point in trying to maintain a long distance relationship. Nine months is a very long time. What were his reasons for ending the relationship, was it the distance, or were there other factors?

    • He told me is the distance problem and he feel like nothing to talk with me ady...

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