How can I win my boyfriend back?

I treated my boyfriend very bad & pushed him away because Im used to getting lied to and mistreated so when he came along treating me better than i could ever imagine i just shut down & get attached assuming that hell eventullly disappear & he actually doesn't give a crap about me but now im realizing how much he means to me & that he actually is sincere & cares but he had his last straw with me & ssys he can't be with me anymore. What can i do to get him back :(


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  • It may be impossible, but u could start with an apology, and tell him what u just told us

    • I did & He told me that he needs time to think 😔 we were perfectly fine but i always have to mess up with my insecurities & trust issues he was the only guy that truly loved me 💔

    • Well see how things go he may come around, but if he doesn't use it as a big learning experience

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