He has a gf but showed up at my prom?

I broke up with my first love 4 years ago. But lets just say we never stop talking to each other. We still text each other saying we miss one another. but this year, he moved on and found himself a decent girl. And I'm not just saying this but she's beautiful. A couple of days ago, he showed up at my prom. Literally poooff he was there. And when I ask why he was there, he said, "this is an opportunity to see you and I dont want to miss it." I was shocked but not as shocked when he said "my girlfriend says hi" and I say "ookayy, why didn't you bring her too?" and he just shut me off. And there were a slow dance session, he asked me to dance and i literally watching out the distance between us but then, he was pulling me closer. i felt like crying the whole time because i feel so guilty towards his girlfriend. And we took pictures where he hugs me and put his arm around my waist. The next day, I uploaded that picture without his face nor mine and I didn't tag him because I'm afraid that his girlfriend will see it and thinks I'm a slut. BUT THENNN he went on instagram and uploaded the same freaking picture!!! I feel like killing that jerkkk ugh and surprisingly,
the next day he went out with his girlfriend. H never uploaded pictures with his girlfriend but not his girlfriend tho, she was practically showing him off on her instagram. I'm confused, what the hell does he wants from me? Oh and he still remembers everything I told him when we were together for 1 month (yes we were together for only 30days) 4 YEARS AGO. I can't even remember what happened 5 mins agi but he remembers everything i told him. like my favs, my allergies and my dislikes. I dont know whats going on. What the hell does he wants. *sigh


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  • Means that he's trying to hold on to the past and trying to win you back. The fact that he has a girlfriend and he wants you just meant he tried to get you jealous but failed, so he's stuck with her. But I gotta say, I had no idea what the motive is.

    • but we only dated for a month and plus that was 4 years ago. If he's trying to win me back, why didn't he try before he had a girlfriend. I think he's playing with my heart, you know some kind of revenge because I left him 4 years ago.

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    • You should move on. There's no point on waiting to see if he still loves you. Unless you yourself still have feelings for him.

    • Thanks a lot. You've been so helpful!!

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