How should I handle this situation with my ex boyfriend?

To make a very long story short we were together for nearly a year. During that time frame I became unhappy with my ex due to his lack of effort and constant lying through out the length of the relationship. Well I broke up with him not long after he got this great paying job. I got fed up with him and couldn't take it anymore.

Now he's talking about how he regrets treating me and how he wants to start over and do right by me. He wants to pay off half of my car and help me get my own place. At first he was talking about me quitting my job and he'd take care of me but I don't want that.

What should I do to get him to stop all of this? He knows I'm dating someone else but he doesn't know we're officially in a relationship.

Should I just come out and tell him? I really don't want to hurt him I can tell that this breakup has really left him stressed and heart broken. Please I just need some kind of advice as to how to handle this. Thanks!


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  • Tell him that he lost his chance and should've realized that he should've grown up when you two were together. Tell him straight up that you found someone that was there for you. But you can still take the money. Lol, but just be real and tell him that you lost your chance and your with someone better.


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  • You have to tell him otherwise it will never stop. He missed his chance.


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  • Hurt him. Get it over with.

    • I hate hurting others. I've been on the receiving end of it and know how painful it is. I can tell he's in anguish about all this now. Just to tell him I'm in a committed relationship with someone else would just crush him... I still care about him. I don't want to be the person that brings so much pain to him...

    • Do it anyway.

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