Caught boyfriend on tinder?

I've been with this guy for almost a year now and he's 5 years older then me we had a rocky start to our relationship he was in a long term relationship while he was with me, and i found out 4 months into the relationship. It absolutely broke my heart but we managed to get through it he left his ex and gave me all his passwords for every social media account that i was aware off. Throughout these 10 months it has taken me some time to fully heal and forgive him for what he did to me and this other girl. and we had small arguments about it along with larger arguments about things he lied to me about and i would find out like old fuck buddies, etc. My close friend recently got Tinder just to check it out and she found my boyfriend on there and sent me a screenshot from her phone. on the screenshot he used a recent picture that i took of him in a suit i bought him and his age on there along with it saying he was active 2 minutes ago. I was completely devistated and i still am. I thought to call him and i eventually got to the point and asked him and he told me that he had this tinder like 4 years ago when he was with his ex. and that he has never used it recently. then I asked him why if it was 4 years ago is your picture and your age updatted to right now within this year and why were you active 2 minutes ago... he went quite and i knew that was all i had to know to end the realtionship. he kept saying baby please just listen to me i said it was over and hung up He then texted saying that he was lying and he made it like 2 weeks ago when we had an argument and he just went on there too see what it was like and he didn't know how to delete it? Then to defend himself he turned it on me saying that he didn't care if i broke up with him because the only way i knew he was on tinder is because i was on it which wasn't true and i proved to him that my friend sent it to me via screenshots. Then he shutup & became apologetic. I am so hurt, and broken any advice, or insight?


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  • I'm sorry that happened to you :( For the record, if a guy is cheating on his girlfriend with you, he's probably not someone you'll want to get into a relationship with. The fact that he tried to turn it on you is just ridiculous. I know it hurts, but you need to break up with him. Forgiving him is just asking to get hurt again. You don't deserve that and there are so many better guys out there for you that would NEVER do that to you.

    • Thanks, i guess im just trying to wrap my head around it all. He made me trust him so much and then bam it happens all again

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    • No problem. Feel free to message me if you ever want advice about anything else or just talk or whatevs. Most people finding venting therapeutic :)

    • Thankyou, same goes to you

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  • He lied to you several times.
    You need to get out of that relationsip ASAP.

    • I did, i think because i love him he thinks i will always forgive him but there are so many times i can take being lied to and played.

    • You love yourself. Makes me happy.

      Everything is going to be fine.

    • Thanks hun, :) and yeah in time it will be fine

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  • Why are you still with him? He has proven multiple times you are not enough for him...

    • I'm not now i've broken up for good, but he always has a way of manipulating me. So i'm steering clear from having any conversation with him.

    • sorry i missed that. I am sorry it happened... and yes he is an ass. And a manipulator.

    • Thanks, and yeah no doubt

  • Nope, you found the truth, and you know what to do.

    • Yeah true well its over for good now

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