How do you get your boyfriends back or at least his attention?

We dated for 2 years
He broke up with me said things "weren't right" he's having family and depression issues we still hang out and everything's perfect but when we're apart I'm miserable and he seems fine I just know we're meant to be together I wouldn't feel this way if not so lame I know


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  • Well if you stopped hanging out with him, that would definitely get his attention. When you're always hanging out with him, he doesn't miss you at all and knows he can get back together with you whenever he wants.

    • Yea you're right I just don't want him to forget about me

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    • Yea that's true thank you ! Now if only I could stay busy so I don't go crazy

    • Haha I'm pretty sure that's why the internet was invented :p

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