My ex is asking to hook up... Wtf?

So we broke up about month ago. We had been dealing with issues of him drinking excessively and leaving to go party a lot (there is a child involved) basically he wanted to have fun with minimal responsibility whenever he felt like it. No license/car or job in the few years we were together. I broke up with him because I had enough because I had got home from having minor surgery and instead of coming home (not to take care of me but so that someone more able was here take care of our son) he decided to get drunk and stay out extremely late. Since then he's been trying to start arguments almost every other day (which I don't partake in) until a couple days ago. He called randomly asking and trying to talk me into casually hooking up. It's obvious to me that he's selfish and also that he most definitely wanted this breakup too. But my question is why is he wanting to get together now? Is he just trying for something that he thinks might be easier than chasing someone new? Is he trying to figure a way back into a relationship? My answer was no and I find it kind of insulting but any girls go through this or guys have any explanations?


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  • It's simple, he's lonely and horny and he thinks his best bet is manipulating the ex. That's all.

    • I second this. It's not because he is in love with you still and has realized you're the one and he wants to marry you and bla bla bla.

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    • Hahaha no problem! My first though exactly.

    • Oh I didn't think if he was trying to get back together it would be due to a change of heart lol more a matter of convenience. But I'm very relieved that either way this is most likely not the case! One less thing I'd have to deal with lol

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