Ex bitter, hates me and has a rebound? Is this all just a facade?

Okay so some background story we were friends for 3 years before we started dating which lasted a year and a half. Things went wrong and we began to argue. Only until recently did I realise how insecure he was, he used to worry he was never good enough for me & how I deserved someone better. When we did start arguing he did try and sort things.

Thing is we both was going through an emotional time and we took it out on each other. Anyways we was on/off for 2 months, he would always end it but come back. He said he always felt like he was making a mistake when he ended it & how he missed me. On our first break up he told me that he just pushes me away because he's scared to get hurt again. That I'm the first girl in a really long time he actually likes.

Anyways in the end we ended it we both weren't emotionally stable to fix things which caused more problems. We both were hurt from the arguments. Anyways it's been a month since we spoke, he told me himself during our last argument he was seeing a girl a week after our last split. He rubbed it in my face.

He is constantly throwing his new relationship out there & how it's going so good & how he's so in love with her.

He's not that type of guy to rush into anything as he is an insecure guy & he's a very private person. All of his actions don't add up to who he is. And
And on top of that, he hates me and i have no idea why.

His best friends contact me regularly & I also know he still stalks my Twitter. He's so hostile & bitter towards me now I don't get it. Sure we said some things we didn't mean while arguing but I apologised for my actions & explained I was just angry & how much he had hurt me.


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  • He is obviously bad for you. Who gives a damn what he's doing. End all contact. Ignore his childish behaviour and learn to love yourself.

  • I really think it's over, u need to close this chapter and move on, chalk it up to life and another lesson learned


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