Christmas breakup my fault?

My bf and I have been together for almost 2 years. We had a very nasty breakup in September and we just got back together last week. Our breakup resulted in me moving back to ny, he's in ct. he's very into Christmas, and has no family. Last Christmas we were apart because I had a family trip planned before I met him. This Christmas he asked to come to my house but my family is still weary of him so they said no. Before I could tell him no he said not to worry we would be Christmas over the weekend and hed go to his best friends house for dinner. Christmas night we start fighting and he breaks up with me, saying that I ruined Christmas and that I should of came to his house instead of leaving him alone. I worked Christmas eve and didn't think he'd appreciate me coming and going for the night, and we planned a new years eve trip so I thought things would be ok. Now he's saying he's done with me because of how I treated the holidays. Am I wrong? Or is he just being upset? I love him very much and I want to be a part of his life. Once he said he was going to his moms and friends, I thought it would be ok. Our relationship is pretty tumultuous, but breaking up over missing one day I can't wrap my head around. Please help.


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  • It sounds like a culmination. It wasn't just one thing.

    • Our break up was nasty and since he's been back he's been having difficultly getting over things I did previously. Where I can let go (he cheated) he can't (lied about my past, didn't spend other holidays, etc). So I guess maybe you are right.

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