Why is my ex all of a sudden being like this?

we and my ex boyfriend had a pretty mutual breakup. the last time we saw each other we left it on a good note. and he kept saying we will see what happens in the future, whatever that means. but just recently i noticed he unflawed me on Twitter and then he blocked me on insta? so i texted him and asked why cause i thought we were cool. and he said we are cool he just didn't wanna see anything. and i asked him what he meant by that cause its not like I'm posting pics with other guys or anything. he just kept saying he didn't wanna see "anything". what does this mean? i know he's probably trying to move on but is he like hurt over something like i just don't understand why he's doing all this?


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  • Amen to what @Sexualchrist said. He is slowly removing you. Maybe he plans on coming back when the feelings aren't still there.. maybe not.. who knows. Also from experience, I know that when a girl said "we had a 'mutual' break up" its highly likely that she broke up with him and he just agreed because it was too much of a hassle to convince her not to. And further proof is in his attempts to erode you out of his life. Why would he do that if it were really mutual?


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